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Meet Our Dogs

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JR Keta Kiku Reign
 Keta Kiku Reign
CeeCee Suri Shinzee Lexi
CeeCee Suri Shinzee Lexi


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Health Testing

Health testing is expensive and very necessary for the Shiba Inu. Years ago we were assured were no health issues within this breed. Later we were informed to x-ray hips only. Then we were told elbows were also important. Later we learned that was incorrect information. The three tests Shiba Inus require are hip x-rays, patella certification and CERF eye examination (to be submitted to CERF). Here is a list of Shiba Inus with our kennel name:  HILLSDALE

Shiba Inus should have their patella's examined (registered with OFFA after first birthday) Hips x-rayed and submitted to OFFA at age two (or before for a preliminary/owner option to release results) and Eye tests (CERF) annually. The CHIC program within OFFA recognizes when the tests are complete and assigns Shibas a CHIC number. Shibas with preliminary hip ratings (x-rayed younger than 24 months of age) do not qualify for CHIC numbers. Shiba Inus with CHIC numbers may also have failing results (very important to see complete results).

Viewing the OFFA breed statistics you will see the percentages of Shibas with a variety of diagnosis. Thyroid and heart problems are often not recorded within this database. This is why passing thyroid and heart percentages are recorded.

Below is a list of the Shiba Inus we have utilized within our breeding program. Clicking on the name will open a browser for their Orthopaedic Foundation showing the Animal summary.

Kleskunview Yoshiharu (Yoshi)
Mikata’s Mikasu at Kengton (Keiko)
Hillsdale Taka Mai (Taka)
Hillsdale Karma Teru (Karma)
Grey Wolf N Enigma’s Storm (Akema)
CH. O’Date’s Root N Toot N Cowboy (RC)
Hillsdale Blast from the Past (Ace)
CH. Hillsdale Root N Cowboy JR (JR) - PRELIM HIP GOOD
Enigma’s Twist of Fate (Pinkie)
CH. Hillsdale The Passion (Coda)
CH. Hillsdale Dixie Chick (Chika)
CH. Hillsdale Cordinator (Scarlet)
Hillsdale Next Top Model (Naima)
CH. Ocean’s Shogun Akage (Kai)
Ocean’s Akuru Kami Hillsdale (Keenyah) - PRELIM HIP FAIR
Cordinator Jilian Chousei (Jilly)
CH. Ginsei Toshiie Ginseisou (Toshiie)
Hillsdale Her Highness (Reign)
Hillsdale Miss Hilton (Paris)
CH. Hillsdale Heaven Can Wait (CeeCee)
CH. Kazekoshi No Kikukaze Go Yokohama Atsumi
Hillsdale One Fine Day (Lexi)
CH. Hillsdale Cowgirl Twist (Keta)
Kawamaisou's Image of Time (Shinzee)
Hillsdale Heaven Cent (Penny)

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